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First of all, thanks for coming to Coolmath!  When teachers first come to Coolmath, they often don't know what to look at first and, really, there's so much here that it would require several hours of dedicated geek time.  So, here's an overview of what we have!

First of all, you can navigate to all of our sites, lessons, games and activities by just going to  That site's homepage is a portal to all of our sites and to everything we offer.

We have several sites that are all interconnected, so, as you navigate around, you might end up visiting more than one site without really knowing it!  You can always look up at the top of the page to see where you are at.

As a teacher, I know you are very concerned about what sites you use in the classroom and need to make sure they are safe for the kids, so, before I go any further, let me address this!

First of all, I've created every bit of content myself - except for some of our games.  For these, I pre-screen every single game myself - all the way through.  I'll discuss this more on our games page, but all games are safe and do not contain ads or links to other websites.

The second concern is our advertising.  I personally pre-screen every single ad that runs on our Coolmath sites.  Although we work with the best and safest ad networks, there are still ads that they offer us that I don't feel are appropriate for a sensitive audience.  These networks do offer filters that can take out specific categories of ads and most other websites trust these to do their screening work for them, but I know they still let things through that I wouldn't want on my sites.  Yes, we make less money this way, but I don't have to worry about what your kids are seeing while they spend time with Coolmath.

You can read more about our advertising here.

Now, on to our sites!  My main goal has always been to take the fear out of math and get kids to realize that math can be fun!  (And, of course, cool.)

We have two main math lesson sites:

If you are looking for math lessons and activities, this is where you'll want to go.  At the top of each page, you'll find a link for lessons.  You'll also see links for practice problems! for ages 13 and up
(topics from fractions and Pre-algebra up through a preview to Calculus) for ages up to 13
(topics from 1+1 Arithmetic through Fractions)

We have two game sites:
(math and thinking games)
(recess for your brain)

If you are looking for a fun way to motivate your kids so they start to see that math can be fun, definitely visit  Play some games!  Before they know it, they'll be thinking and figuring stuff out... As you know,  this will help their math skills and make them less afraid of math.  As a parent once told me in an email, "No more tears at homework time!"

We also have a few site with other topics:
(science lessons, games and apps for kids and teens)
(teaches about the math of money and personal finance for tweens to grown-ups)
(teaches how to not be stressed out and offers relaxation techniques
to help students get through school)

And we also have a site dedicated to parents:
And the site for teachers that you are on now:

Highlights that you should definitely check out are:

Our teacher's area for success in Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Precalculus (really, anything middle school and up!)

Finance Freak, if you teach tweens, teens or grown-ups.  For most students, personal finance is the most important thing they will ever do with their math education... and one of the biggest "life" things they can royally mess up!

The continuing teacher education area of this site.

Our free online jigsaw puzzles because I think you'll soon get very addicted!  (And they are very relaxing.)  My favorites are the beach puzzles.

Am important note about your students and online safety:

In closing, I hope my sites can make your job a bit easier!

Good luck,
Coolmath Karen


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